Well, these days isn’t every writer supposed to have a blog? And isn’t every speaker/public figure supposed to have a Facebook page? Let me correct that, actually, isn’t every person alive supposed to have a Facebook page? Well, I’m definitely behind the ball and working hard to catch up. I’m finally blogging…yay! AND I can be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…amazing, huh?

This is not to say that I’ve been lazy. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Instead of creating a Facebook profile and Tweeting regularly, I’ve been busy publishing a magazine every other month. And producing the annual Live Your Best Life Conference in Cincinnati. AND hosting a weekly radio show. Not to mention working on my book, speaking at events, facilitating groups…oh, yes, and raising three children.

Not that I’m making excuses. I mean, explaining why I haven’t been on Facebook until recently is like trying to explain why I haven’t been breathing, because it’s jut not excusable in today’s world, right?

So here I am at this all important moment, updating my Hello World page when I should be cranking out the next issue of Whole Living Journal. Oh I’ll get it done somehow, I always do. In the meantime I’m remembering why I haven’t jumped into the on-line world so far. I’m about to pull my hair out. My social media buttons on my homepage weren’t linked correctly when I set up the account so now they don’t work and I’ve spent the last three hours trying to figure out how to re-link them. Any suggestions? Entering the social media world is like falling down the rabbit hole and entering a vortex that eerily resembles a black hole. Seems impossible to get out.

And get this, I don’t even have a smart phone! I don’t know how we are functioning as a global society when there are  constant demands on our attention. It takes conscious effort to remain present and plugged into what’s in front of us.

So this is me. I’m just a mom who is determined to answer my calling but not get lost in cyberspace.