Hi, I’m Tara L., don’t forget the “L,” you won’t be able to find me. There are a million Tara Robinson’s out there, and even some Tara L. Robinson’s, but only one me. 🙂

Thank you visiting my blog. Life is good. I’m a passionate writer, speaker, life coach, mother of 3…and more. I’m the owner/CEO of Life Dynamics, LLC, a company which supports others in living their best lives while continually searching for something more. I’m the publisher of Whole Living Journal, a healthy living magazine which honors the seeker and the sacred in all. I host a weekly radio show on WAIF 88.3FM in Cincinnati where I enjoy having my favorite conversations with leading spiritual thinkers and best-selling authors. I’m finalizing my first book and look forward to having it published this spring.

Check back often, I love to write. And if you want to stay up-to-date in other ways, Friend me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter and Connect on LinkedIn. Podcasts of my radio interviews can be found at http://www.wholelivingjournal.com, as well as on online version of each issue which includes Letters from the Editor written by ME.

This blog is essentially my musings about life. I hope you enjoy it! Please comment and let me know what you think.

In Joy,

Tara L.


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